Holiday !

Summer evening in port.

Me by the wheel !

Diana by the wheel!

Diana happy by the wheel


Diana at Anholt.

Me and my IPod

Me as a young OS

Bentley ship dog.

Me and Diana.

Diana at Hönö Klåva!

The Boss !!

At the beach!

Me at Åstol.

Fun stuff

Our boys John and Robbin !

Our Daughter Alicia.

Diana in Grundsund .

Our Princess 65


Bettan and Håkan !

Patrik by the Wheeling !

Anne and Patrik !

Patrik very good friend!

Anne & Diana !

Friends from Norway.

30 years ago!

Still in Love !

Kiss kiss

Take it easy I'm a seaman and I have seen it all!


Captain and Boss !

Me and Lars on the way to Byrum !

Honda Goldwing 1800 A2

Goldwing and MC-camper

Wen I was 25 years old

When I was 1 years old!

Swedish gouvurment!

Ships dog Bentley

😎Some Holiday foto !